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Amateur athlete, or athletes playing sports, to solve other problems, especially health plan, and therefore the development of diet for them should be aimed at preserving and strengthening health. The food - the source of life and pleasure. Anabolic steroids for sale is improvement to your workouts. As noted by Pavlov, food represents a vital process in its entirety, and is the oldest link that connects all living things, including a man with the surrounding nature. Get food, people not only satisfy hunger, but also to have fun.

The term "food" has a wide meaning: it refers to the entire amount of biological phenomena (delivery and transformation of nutrients in the body), underlying the provision of energy and structural materials of any physiological functions of the body. Supply problem is now one of the major economic and social problems facing humanity. One of the basic concepts of modern theory of rational nutrition is balanced nutrition. Both the bodybuilders and athletes use legal anabolic steroids. The basis of this theory is the idea of the necessity of not only an adequate supply of the body with energy, but also compliance with the proportions between the basic nutrients and other essential nutrients to ensure its proper functioning. A key role in the diet belongs to substances which can not be synthesized in the body from other components. These include a number of inorganic ions and organic compounds. The essential components of the diet are about 24 organic compounds. These substances are called essential nutritional factors.

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Dining person should be rational, ie must satisfy the energy, plastic and other needs of the body, while providing the necessary level of metabolism. Your sport career will be not so easy without steroids for sale. Violation of health and human performance can cause not only a lack of certain essential factors and their abundance.

Getting to know the doctrine of balanced diet should start with understanding the biological functions of essential nutrients in the body. Proteins (proteins from the Greek protos - first) occupy an important place in the living organism as the content in the cell (at least 45% by dry weight), and on the value in the processes of life. The share of protein accounted for 17% of the total weight of the "standard man" (male 26 years old, weight 65 kg). Many athletes known to have taken legal anabolic steroids to gym.The protein - an essential part of the food and the basis of life. Proteins perform important and diverse functions. An exceptional role in the body plays enzyme proteins, of which there are more than a thousand. They accelerate biochemical reactions in the body in the millions and even billions of times.

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Possess high biological activity as protein hormones, such as insulin. It is known that one gram enough insulin to reduce blood sugar levels in rabbits 125000. Proteins perform a structural role, participating in the construction of membranes, contractile elements of muscle, connective and bone tissue. Unusual low prices for anabolic steroids for sale you find here! Transport proteins function provides transfer from the blood to the tissues of various substances (oxygen, lipids, etc..). The protective function of a special type of protein (immunoglobulin) provides immunity - a way to protect the internal consistency of the body of the living bodies and substances bearing the signs of alien genetic information.

If the food is depleted in carbohydrates and fats, especially in starvation conditions, proteins are used as spare nutrients and energy sources. Protein deficiency in food is a determining factor in the development of serious health problems:. Elementary dystrophy, growth retardation, weight loss, reduce the body's defenses, the oppression of the endocrine glands, fatty liver, etc. Limited number of legal anabolic steroids is available. The average daily need for protein for the regions of our country is picked in an amount of 80-100 Proteins consist of 20 amino acids. L-amino acids are responsible for food and biological value proteins.

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